Question: I’m interested in starting hunting deer, what process do I need to do to be able to hunt legally everything from license, gun permits, locations to hunt, etc?

Answer: Hunting licenses are available at most sporting goods stores that sell hunting supplies. Academy Sporting Goods has them. You don’t need a gun permit in Texas except to carry a concealed handgun. You can hunt in most state owned properties but some require that you buy a permit to hunt there. There are also day huntin g leases available in many locations throughout the state. Try contacting the Chamber of Commerce in Llano, Texas for a list of hunting properties in that area. For a beginner, Llano is a good place to start because of the plentiful number of deer there. As for a hunting rifle, I am pretty sure that Texas still has a restriction on the caliber of rifle that you can use. I think the minimum caliber is .25. The .243 would be included but not the .223. Handgun specifications state that the handgun used must meet certain foot pounds of muzzle energy to be legal and must be .44 caliber or larger. Bow hunting is legal as is hunting with a muzzle loader but both require permits from the state. Hunting with a crossbow is limited to persons with physical limitations that preclude their use of a regular bow. All of this information is available in a booklet that is available free at most hunting and fishing supply stores. Just go in and ask for the Texas Hunting Regulation handbook.

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  1. Tall order. You see, there is very little public hunting land in Texas so you have to get in on a lease. There is a waiting list for hunters on hunting leases so unless you are lucky enough to have access to some hunting land or ‘know someone,’ you’ll be waiting around a while.

    The rest is easy. You need a hunter’s safety course if you are a new hunter. You’ll need to purchase a hunting license and whatever additional stamps may be required for the game you hunt, example: Waterfowl. Of course, you’ll need to have a firearm. Say you’re hunting deer a good .25-06 Remington with at least a 4x scope ($400 to $600). You’ll have to pass the background check in order to purchase your deer rifle (unless you hold a valid concealed carry license).

    Hope this hasn’t discouraged you. Happy hunting.


  2. there is no such things as a gun permit for can purchase a 5 day hunting permit for about $50 or so.this permit is not for deer. a deer license is a great deal can hunt from one end of the state to the other.some areas cost more than the never said where you wanted to hunt or hiow much you wanted to spend. go to the website of”texas parks and wildlife” and you will get a great deal of information.
    —-retired texas deputy sheriff—-

  3. I live in Texas and I own property in Texas which is for deer hunting.
    To begin with you will need the hunter’s safety class to get your hunting license. There is no requirement to carry a weapon, however to carry a concealed weapon then you have to have a conceal permit (Hand Gun)
    As for a rifle I will tell you what the law requires and I will make a suggestion The law says that you can use any center fire cartridge, The obvious is the 22 can not be used but this also means that you can not hunt with a 44 Henry or any other non center fire cartridge. When it comes to choice of rifle it is pretty much as follows non Texans like the 30-06 great gun but to much gun for Texas deer, others like 270 and 308 both of these are really good guns but are both a little big for our 85 to 150 lbs deer, most of my friends and I use both a 22-250 or we use a 243/6mm, I know that these are my choices but I have about 8 or 9 fellows that come to my place to hunt and all use one of the three of them.
    If you have the money you will not find a problem finding a place to hunt. The state permit (for State land hunting) is avaiable from most of the places where you buy your license It costs about $50. a year. You will still need your hunting license to go along with the permit.

    Day leases will run anywhere from about $150 a day and up Year leases I have heard will start about $500 and up, Friends that don’t hunt with me tell me that they pay as much as $3500 a year to hunt. For me I decided many years ago that it was cheaper for me to buy my own place, now it is paid for.

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